Care Fees Advice Bureau

Care Fees Advice Bureau

Care in a lot of cases, is not provided free of charge, no matter where you may receive it. Funding care fees means making a known amount of money last for an unknown period of time. This website is designed to give you guidance on all aspects of care fees, we’re here to help you through what can be a frightening and complicated process.

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Risks and Solutions

Risks and Solutions

Accumulating a legacy through hard work and paying taxes is something to be proud of and something to protect. So what can stand in the way of your legacy passing to those you wish to inherit?

Care Options

Care Options

All care can be tailored to your circumstances and your personal preferences. How and where you receive care is largely dependent on the type, amount and regularity of care you require.

The Estate Planning Group

The Estate Planning Group provides comprehensive solutions for clients who want to make it easier for their family and friends to carry out their wishes if they can no longer make their own decisions, or after their death. We provide free help and advice for those planning for the future, and for those dealing with the difficult task of managing someone else’s estate. Our expertise and professional customer service will make each step as simple and stress free as possible.

The Will Writing Company

The Will Writing Company Ltd (WWC) was founded in Nottingham in 1990. In over two decades of trading, we have become the UK’s leading firm of specialist Will Writers, with clients from the North of Scotland to the South of England, as well as Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our free home visits, outstanding personal service and genuine value for money attracts thousands of new clients every year. We work closely with major Building Societies and national Financial Services providers, to offer will-writing and estate planning services to their clients, providing a level of expertise and value that they are proud to pass onto their customers.

Later Life Law

Later Life Law offers a comprehensive range of services tailored for individual clients’ needs, offering expert advice on a number of estate planning areas. We concentrate on face-to-face meetings as we believe such important decisions should be professionally handled, not through a remote and faceless service. Despite the name, LLL is not only for those who may have reached later life, but for all who want to prepare for the best possible financial outcome when they get there.

The Family Trust Corporation

In 2010 the Secretary of State granted EPG permission to set up the FTC to bring trust and estate administration in-house. The FTC can now act as trustee for Family Trusts set up by clients to hold and protect their assets while they are still alive, rather than by their Will after they die. This new service has resulted in improvements in the quality and speed of service offered to clients, and the Trust Corporation now has more than £200m of assets under management. The FTC can also act as a professional executor or attorney, when requested, together with, or instead of, friends and family, and we offer a free Bereavement Advice Service helpline.

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